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Extech EMF510: EMF/ELF Meter


High-Sensitivity EMF/ELF Meter with Built-in Single-Axis Sensor


Deskripsi Produk

High-Sensitivity EMF/ELF Meter with Built-in Single-Axis Sensor

The Extech EMF510 measures energy from electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electrical signals and is sensitive to extremely low frequency levels (ELF). The built-in single-axis sensor is ideal for monitoring power lines, electrical appliances, fans and blowers, and electrical circuits in two ranges with milli-Gauss and micro-Tesla units. The EMF510 features a large backlit LCD for viewing in dimly lit areas, an ergonomic compact design with wrist strap, auto power off, and Min/Max function.


  • Measure EMF/ELF levels in milliGauss (mG) or microTesla (μT) up to 2000mG (200μT) with two ranges to choose from
  • Built-in single axis sensor provides basic accuracy reading of ±5%
  • 30 to 300Hz bandwidth
  • Backlit display to view in dimly lit areas
  • Data Hold and Min/Max functions
  • Auto power off with disable
  • Tripod mount (optional TR100 Tripod sold separately)
  • Complete with wrist strap and 3 AAA batteries



SpecificationsRangeMax ResolutionBasic Accuracy
Range/Resolution200.0/2000mG0.1/1mG±(5%+3 digits) @ 50/60Hz
20.00/200.0μT0.01/0.1μT±(5%+3 digits) @ 50/60Hz
Bandwidth30 to 300Hz
Number of AxesSingle axis
Dimensions4.2 x 2.3 x 1″ (107 x 58 x 25mm)
Weight5.6oz (160g)


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